Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tired Papa?

What a wonderful blessing to be at HOME...Garrison is thoroughly enjoying the comforts of home. You can tell that he knows there is a one is poking him, prodding him...he just gets to sleep, eat and poop! He is sleeping really well at night, last night he only woke up one time. Of course I know this can change, so I am counting my blessings for now!

Fischer is adjusting to a new little one in our home too. He loves to hold his new baby and wants to help whenever he can. Tonight he is enjoying his new Superman pajamas...running around the house saving one stuffed animal at a time. Apparently one of those stuffed animals landed in daddy's lap...I think he is so tired he forgot it was and Tigger...what could be better?

Thank you everyone for your prayers for Garrison! He had a doctors appointment yesterday and had gained 4.5 oz!! The doctor concluded that he had Hyaline Membrane Disease(also called Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and Pulmonary Hypertension. He also had a collapsed lung, which was the result of his labored breathing. Dr. Kerr said that premature babies would not have been able to collapse their lung as easily, but since Garrison was so big and strong he worked too hard to breathe. Dr. Severson(his pediatrician) said that it is rare for a baby at 39 weeks to have IRDS. He has only seen one other case where a full term baby had this disease.

John F Kennedy had a son, Patrick, that died of this disease two days after birth in 1963. This sparked an interest in research and treatment of the disease. If the Kennedy baby had been born today, most likely he would have survived.

We are thankful to our God for healing our baby boy, thankful for the doctors and nurses, and thankful for all of you and your continous prayers.


Laura said...

SO glad you're home and doing well. What a huge blessing that Garrison is now doing so well! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

carrie said...

I am so happy for you guys! I know that Garrison will be a blessing to you all! God is good and faithful!

Theresa said...

So glad you all are home! I enjoyed chatting with your mom in church today. I just want to say what you must already know - you have wonderful doctors looking after little Garrison. My mom's a nurse at Children's, so she knows the doctors there - you've got some good ones. Also, I can say Severson's the best - he's Hannah's pediatrician and was Jamie and Jillian's too. But best of all is the Great Physician who constantly holds little Garrison in His loving hands. I'm still praying for you guys and am encouraged by how things are going for you :)