Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sorry, I just keep finding really cute, old pics:

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Random Thoughts:

-Just sitting at the computer listening to my sweet baby sing "Jesus Loves Me" while laying in his bed. I guess he is having trouble going to sleep. Maybe it was the sugary sweet treat that he was awarded for being such a good boy at the grocery store. Going to the grocery store has now become such a hard task that I had Franklin go with me tonight. Wow, I got a 1.5 hour trip done in 40 minutes!! Living in a tri-level requires you to carry all of the groceries up the stairs, so it was really helpful to have him here to help!

-Funny thing that Fischer said the other day

1) We went to the hospital to visit an older woman from church who had a hip replacement. Fischer had never really been to a hospital to visit anyone before, but of course I had explained to him that I would be there to have the baby. So, he proceeded to ask her, "Are you going to have a baby?" It was too funny! On the way out of the room he yelled, "How do we get out of this place?" Apparently he shares the same sentiment for hospitals as his mother!

-I can't believe we are going to have a little one again...I am so excited!! Here are a couple of oldies:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In lieu of a new baby around the corner, I wanted to find something special for Fischer to do that was all about him! I found a class at a local Sports Academy called Lil Sluggers. They had a free trial class today, so I took him to see how he would do. HE LOVED IT! The best part was his nervous tick...the constant grabbing of the private area. Hey it's baseball, he's already got that part down! Several times the coach would ask him to get in the ready position(the position where you are ready to catch a ball) and Fischer would put both hands in front of his "jewels" was too funny!!

Here are a few proud mama pics:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just some random thoughts that I have been thinking about over the past several days:

1) I can't believe three year old is officially potty trained. It actually makes me a little sad that he is so independent, but I am thrilled to not buy size 5 diapers at practically $.50 each. That being said, I went to Target today and bought size 1 diapers for the baby...I had forgotten how incredibly adorable those size 1 diapers are! At least you get more diapers for your buck!

2) pregnancy hormones are out of control! I am SO easily irritated and annoyed by the most random things. Today I stepped in some gum and I couldn't stop ranting for 5 minutes about how nasty people are...why couldn't they just find a trash can?? Then I am in line at Target and there is one cashier and like 20 people in line behind me. When the manager comes over to open more lines, everyone disappears. Maybe it was my upbringing, but I always ask the person in front of me if they would like to go b/c they were in line first. So, I quietly waited as the person in front of me spent $300 and the cashier commented on how cute everything was that she was buying...grrr. Last night I watched a sad movie with Franklin and started crying about it this evening at 7:00pm...hormones...enough said.

3) I love seeing Fischer run around the house in his Superman cute.

4)Sometimes I wonder if my house will ever be organized and clean all at the same time. I feel like I spend the better part of my day picking up, cooking, picking up, scrubbing, doing dishes, laundry and picking up. I'm not sure who I am trying to measure up to, but it SEEMS as if everyone else has it together every day. Is anyone else just so exhausted at the end of the day that Mr. Potato Head and all of his parts will have to sit on the rug all night?

5)I am looking forward to the fall season and the month of September. There is nothing better than a cloudy fall day, staying inside, lighting a cinnamon candle and baking an apple crisp. Plus, who doesn't love going to the pumpkin patch?

6) I made this Chicken Pot Pie the other day. Hey, I was impressed with myself :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I know what you are thinking...why are there pictures of baby clothes on my blog? I just couldn't resist showing you some of the new things that Garrison has received. Last night I volunteered at a consignment sale so I was able to shop while I was there. Most of the clothes I got have never even been used.
Kelly got Garrison the Big Brother/LIttle Brother outfits...aren't they adorable?

My mom bought the Little Turkey onesie at Carters for Thanksgiving and the Charm onesie was from the Gap...I couldn't resist.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was thinking that I wouldn't buy much for this little guy b/c Fischer had SO many clothes. As I get closer to holding him, I just can't resist buying him some new little clothes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

How funny is that? Stole this from
The scary part is that it does actually look like Fischer a little bit!!!