Saturday, October 04, 2008

More baby foot fetish: Definitely Franklin's toes!!

It was really hard to leave the hospital tonight. I am so exhausted though, I knew that I needed to just come home and rest. Franklin went back up and usually does the late evening shift. Garrison's 2:30 x-ray and blood gases were normal. They haven't been able to ween him off of 35% oxygen today. He needs time to heal his lungs...time that seems to be ticking by SO SLOWLY.

I wish I could describe to you the NICU. It's a whole different world: dark, sadly quiet...but noisy at the same time...with alarms going off continously. I know it is a place of healing, but emotionally it is exhausting. As much as I wish that I could just pick him up and march right out of there, I know that he is receiving the best care he possibly could.

Franklin may have more news on his blog later tonight:

Thanks again for the prayers!!!!

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