Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here are my look a like babies! Garrison is on the bottom and Fischer is on the top. We had Garrison's picture taken today in the same outfit that Fischer wore. Fischer was one month in the picture, Garrison is 2 weeks. They look so much alike, however Garrison's hair is really red! Fischer's hair was red too, but not like Garrison.


Aunt Shelly said...

He is Gorgeous! I have a couple of gifts that I will try and send off today. I just got back from Disneyworld,and picked up the sweetest little thing,plus something for Fisher! God surely did a Miracle, I was praying all the time,not being able to handle any other outcome. I understand where my grandkids got red hair tints ,but I am really getting the idea hoe flaming red Grandma Heinz hair must have been. Take more pictures of his toes, i love them too! Love, Aunt Shelly

mudpuppy said...

Red heads are cool. :)

Laura said...

Oh, so cool. All my boys looked the exact same as newborns...and looked JUST LIKE Matt's newborn picture. I loved it!

LOVE the red hair!

Angela said...


Hello from Oklahoma! My mom sent me your blog link to check our your new baby! BOTH of your boys are precious and very handsome! I enjoyed reading through your blog seeing what you're up to! I know you are enjoying being home at last with your new baby boy!


Angela Smith (Pitts)

Anonymous said...

nice nails. :)