Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, calls, and concerns. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

Garrison is doing well right now. He is stable and resting peacefully in his little isolate. His white blood count is down to 15, which is within the normal range! Yesterday it was 35, so this is great news. His blood gases are also great and have been for most of the day. The nurse said that tomorrow I may be able to hold him. This has to be the hardest part of this experience. I long to hold him, feed him and be his mommy. It is really hard to watch all of the other moms walking around the hospital with their babies in their arms. I was sure that this time would be different...that Garrison would be in my room with me. It would be so easy to take that for's easy to even take my situation for granted. There are SO many babies in the NICU that are sick and some that have to be there for weeks and months. The little guy next to Garrison has been there for 8 months. When I try to wrap my brain around that, it is nearly impossible.

Thank you again for all of your prayers. God is good and we are thankful that Garrison is slowly getting better.


One Observationist said...

Been praying and thinking about you all a lot this week. Hope God lifts up your spirits, comforts and encourages you. Love you guys.

Jeremy Divis

Aunt Shelly said...

He is beautiful! I have his picture printed off and put it out in the shop,with a tag that says PRICELESS. So we have people there lifting him up in prayer. I love his little toes! Love Aunt Shelly

sis said...

We are just waiting for the time you will hold this cute little guy. You are such a good Mom, and he is waiting for that time you will cuddle him. Everything sounds wonderful now.Thanks for the pictures, we can see the good care he is getting. Grandpa and I have you all in our prayers.
Love you, Grandpa and Nana