Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It has been a very busy two weeks. After the 4th we had Phil, Alex and Dallas come to visit. We ventured to the Omaha Zoo on Saturday. I think Fischer really enjoyed having three extra boys in the house.

Been having dizzy spells the past two days...can't figure out why and can't seem to find a doctor who wants to do anything about it. I have to say I do miss the doctors in Ponca. If I wasn't feeling well or I thought something was wrong, they would just have me come in. Finding a doctor here to care about your situation is challenging. I guess that is part of big city living.

Fischer is talking more and more every day. I went to get him out of the car and he said, "Hi Mom." He also loves to say , "Hi Daddy."

Well here are a few pics from the past few weeks.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Well we definitely bought the best house in Nebraska. You can see EVERY firework display in a 100 mile radius from our back yard. These people in Nebraska are CRAZY about fireworks. It literally sounds like a war is going on at our house. I am glad that this doesn't go on all year though.

Fischer had to go to an ENT specialist about his ear infections. They are thinking about tubes, but we are trying the preventive antibiotic first. Hopefully this works.

Fischer also took his FIRST step. Of course we haven't been able to get him to do it again. We know he wants to walk really bad but he is just a little scared of putting that other foot forward.

Come visit us in Nebraska anytime!!