Sunday, January 25, 2009

In the midst of runny noses, coughing, fevers, nebulizer treatments(see video below), ER visists, crying, whining and all of the fun things that go along with sick children...I have managed to capture a few happy moments this past week.

These smiles(and naps) have helped me to make it through:


sis said...

Thanks Tracy for the blog. I can get the video on the blog, could not on facebook. Garrison looks like he in enjoying the treatment. It was nice to hear you all talking, felt like I was in the living room with you. Hang in there Tracy, you will soon be in sunny Florida.
Love you all, Nana

Aunt Shelly said...

He is absolutely Gorgeous! I pray for that little guy all the time,he has had a pretty hard road. Taylor had croup when he was about that age..SCARY..but you would never know now,he is 6'4' and 204lbs. He can even pick me up taht is some feat! Love you and have fun in Florida. Love Aunt Shelly