Monday, January 12, 2009

ALERT: LONG POST (its rare I know, as I usually don't have much to say)

I was sitting in the recliner feeding the baby when I hear a cry from the bathroom, "Save me, save me, mommy!" I instantly know what this cry for help means...Fischer can't get his pants down in time to use the bathroom. So, I put the baby down and he is completely insulted and begins to SCREAM at the top of his lungs! I calmly rescue Fischer from his impending emergency and then go back to feeding the baby.

Normally this type of stress would have caused me to get extremely upset with Fischer and maybe even yell at him for not being able to get his pants down! So, I can thank Sharon who delivered a much needed devotional this morning at our Mom's Club. I am so thankful that Sharon is our Mentor Mom this year. She has experienced the unimaginable and therefore has a perspective on life and death that most will never have. She asked us what chores around the house seem to cause us the most grief. The usual answers were thrown out...laundry, general cleaning, and of course the toilet. Sharon shared that her least favorite job around the house is one that would involve an odor. Her kids even banned her from saying the word odor because of her love affair with the word.
When Sam went off to Boy Scout camp this past June, she had asked her oldest to clean the bathroom. After Sharon had arrived at home after finding out that Sam had passed away, she remembers walking into that bathroom, lifting the toilet lid and realizing that she would never have that "boy" odor again.
How amazing that Sharon can make a room full of mothers cry with a story about her son's messes. She's right though...the toys on the floor(or in my case the "fort" made from cushions on the couch)...there not a mess...they are a beautiful reflection of the children that live in our home. And the laundry...the never-ending laundry...a beautiful reflection of the little toes that wear those socks. I feel like I need these reminders everyday, as the beauty of her words seem to fade quickly in the midst of chaos and stress. Thank you Sharon for sharing your heart with us today.
Onto other matters:
We also had a chiropractor talk to us today(our theme was "Here am I Lord, help me to meet my kids physical needs"). I was a little skeptical of some aspects of her talk, ok I was a lot skeptical. I hate that I am a skeptic...but at least I am not partial to chiropractors...I am skeptical of many people and things! I did enjoy her thoughts on nutrition, vitamins and overall health, but she lost me on the muscle and toxin testing. I agree with her that the body's health is a combination of mental, spiritual and physical well being. But really...can I just put a vitamin in my pocket and gain strength? I think that is where the mind over matter comes in. I also think you can spend TOO much time worrying about organic vegetables and vitamins and toxins that you forget to live. It's almost as if they spend so much time worrying about how to stay alive as opposed to living. Of course God gives us choices on how to live, how to eat, whether or not to exercise(and I could defintely improve in this area)...but our God is in control...and we sometimes forget.
I am also turned off when people brag about how their children have never had this medication, or this antibiotic. I guess they have never had a child in the hospital gasping for breath and hanging on to life. And I agree...we are a society obsessed with antiobiotics and medication, but when your children are sick you want to make them better. I have never had an ear infection, but I hear they are extremely painful. And I can't imagine making a child suffer through one without meds. I am glad that no one tells me to just suck it up when I am sick...I would be the first one in line at the doctor asking for antibiotics.
The last matter I promise!
My huband and I are trying the Laura diet(that's just the name of my friend over at She makes a healthy menu plan every week, so we are going to try and copy hers for the week! Well, ok almost everything...minus the deer steak. Sorry Laura...that's where I draw the line.

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Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Hehe, the Laura Diet. It sound so official! Hope you enjoy our menu this week! We're enjoying it so far!

No deer huh? Well...that's okay. Not everyone likes it. We really like the taste, but we REALLY like it because it's free!!