Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Did I mention that being a mom is scary??? Oh yeah...I DID mention that in my last blog!

Tonight, when my son was going to sleep (while nursing), his head and neck twitched in what appeared to be a seizure. I freaked out, picked him up, and started screaming his name. He then started to cry. So, I started nursing him again and he began to twitch again!

I yelled at my loving husband, "Honey!" He looked at me with a look that said, "What am I supposed to do?" and "Stop, you're scaring me!"

We ended up paging the doctor, who told us it was no big deal. He said that sometimes babies just have spasms. That comment didn't make us feel any better!

I guess I will make a doctor appointment tomorrow.

Any advice out there? Has this happened to anyone else?


Anonymous said...

i cant say this has happened to me... but you guys I am praying for

Anonymous said...

Tracy!!! I miss you! Im with Matt, its never happend to me either... Im sure everything is fine! Im coming to visit this weekend! -Alyce

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Grandson,
When I went to bed last night I thanked God that you had an earthly dad who was so worried about you. Having a dad to watch over you in the night is such a special blessing and one that not all children have. You are a blessed little boy to have a special mommy and daddy and a heavenly Father who has all of you wrapped in his loving arms. Try not to scare your mommy and daddy tonight! Love, Grandma Sewell