Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today I talked to a mom who gave birth to a baby with spina bifida. She is strong and relaxed, witnessing her baby have major surgery in her first 24 hours of life. She's patiently waiting to hold her sweet baby girl in her arms.

Today I talked to a mom who has never taken her child home from the hospital. She religiously visits him, just holding onto the hope that one day he will come home. She looked at my sleeping baby...noticed his outfit. Her son had an outfit just like it....but never got to wear it. Her son has never felt the crisp autumn air.

Today I talked to a mom who tragically lost her son at the tender age of 13. His shoes still by the door, where he left them. She's a sweet spirit, just trying to cope with what has to be the greatest loss of all...a child.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today I have witnessed love...the unconditional, neverending love of a parent. I thank you for these three sweet mothers. I am thankful for my children Lord, and I vow to make each day count.



sis said...

Beautiful prayer Tracy, We all need to be reminded of those who are hurting, and we need to reach out more to find out how we might help in whatever way we can. You are a very caring young lady.
Love you, Nana

Laura said...

What a precious post. I think the mom you met with the baby with spina bifida is my friend from here in York. Heather?