Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Fun

Garrison is already 5 weeks old! Hard to believe that time has passed this quickly and it is November! He had a 1 month appointment where we discovered he had acid reflux! No wonder the little guy would cry and whine when I layed him down after he ate. I guess I should have figured it out...maybe it was the lack of sleep. Dr prescribed Zantac and we have a different baby on our hands! He now sleeps MUCH better at night...sometimes of course :)

I made Halloween dinner last night. Fischer helped me make the spooky deviled egg eyes..and insisted that we put m & m candies on them..yum!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today so we decided to take a trip to the apple orchard!

And no, we would NEVER try the apples before buying them and throw the evidence on the dare you think that!


sis said...

Tracy it is hard to believe that Garrison is now 5 weeks old. Seems like yesterday that we all were praying all the tubes would be taken away. Now you all are running around,and doing fun things. What a joy!
Love you, Nana

The 5 of Us. said...

So, you are out and about. Looking good might I add. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.