Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just some random thoughts that I have been thinking about over the past several days:

1) I can't believe three year old is officially potty trained. It actually makes me a little sad that he is so independent, but I am thrilled to not buy size 5 diapers at practically $.50 each. That being said, I went to Target today and bought size 1 diapers for the baby...I had forgotten how incredibly adorable those size 1 diapers are! At least you get more diapers for your buck!

2) pregnancy hormones are out of control! I am SO easily irritated and annoyed by the most random things. Today I stepped in some gum and I couldn't stop ranting for 5 minutes about how nasty people are...why couldn't they just find a trash can?? Then I am in line at Target and there is one cashier and like 20 people in line behind me. When the manager comes over to open more lines, everyone disappears. Maybe it was my upbringing, but I always ask the person in front of me if they would like to go b/c they were in line first. So, I quietly waited as the person in front of me spent $300 and the cashier commented on how cute everything was that she was buying...grrr. Last night I watched a sad movie with Franklin and started crying about it this evening at 7:00pm...hormones...enough said.

3) I love seeing Fischer run around the house in his Superman cute.

4)Sometimes I wonder if my house will ever be organized and clean all at the same time. I feel like I spend the better part of my day picking up, cooking, picking up, scrubbing, doing dishes, laundry and picking up. I'm not sure who I am trying to measure up to, but it SEEMS as if everyone else has it together every day. Is anyone else just so exhausted at the end of the day that Mr. Potato Head and all of his parts will have to sit on the rug all night?

5)I am looking forward to the fall season and the month of September. There is nothing better than a cloudy fall day, staying inside, lighting a cinnamon candle and baking an apple crisp. Plus, who doesn't love going to the pumpkin patch?

6) I made this Chicken Pot Pie the other day. Hey, I was impressed with myself :)


carrie said...

I had forgotten how tiny size 1 was, too. They grow up so fast! The date is quickly approaching.

Amy Heldt said...

In response to #4: Yes, there are others who are so tired that Mr. Potato Head, some books, some action figures, etc. etc. just need to stay on the floor until morning because I am just too tired to care! I keep reminding Jeff that some day there will be no toys to trip over and we will wish they were still there!

Laura said...

Yeah, I wanted to respond to #4 also. I think it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to be organized and have everything clean at the same time. I get frustrated about it and sometimes feel like something must be wrong with me. But I've about decided that if I did have everything perfect all the time, something would be wrong with my MOTHERING...and the special time spent just hanging out with the boys would be neglected. Yeah, but I still wish I could stay on top of things better around the house... :)