Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In lieu of a new baby around the corner, I wanted to find something special for Fischer to do that was all about him! I found a class at a local Sports Academy called Lil Sluggers. They had a free trial class today, so I took him to see how he would do. HE LOVED IT! The best part was his nervous tick...the constant grabbing of the private area. Hey it's baseball, he's already got that part down! Several times the coach would ask him to get in the ready position(the position where you are ready to catch a ball) and Fischer would put both hands in front of his "jewels"...it was too funny!!

Here are a few proud mama pics:


Judy said...

He's looking like such a big boy. Looks like he already knows what to do.

Terrie said...

Fischer is so big!! He looks like he knows exactly what to do. Maybe he'll love baseball like Gunner does. He made the all-star team again this summer and his team won 1st place in state and then 2nd in regionals. He was thrilled. You can see some pictures at cabotbaseball.com. I know you're excited about having another little one in the house. From the way it sounds he may not be so little! I'm sure he will be as beautiful as his big brother!