Friday, May 05, 2006

I know what you are thinking...two posts in one day? Well I just had to tell you this funny story:

Last night we were laying in bed talking when all of a sudden I spotted a HUGE spider crawling up the curtain right next to me! I didn't even know that I could move that fast! After we threw him in the toilet(well actually Franklin threw him in...I wouldn't touch him...I'm not crazy), we checked him out to see if he was a brown recluse. We weren't sure, but we flushed him and watched him go to spider heaven. Well that's what we told Fischer anyway...he woke up right after I screamed and jumped out of bed.

We both decided that we were NOT sleeping in the bed...I would sleep on the couch and Franklin would sleep in the recliner. I know it sounds crazy...but this was a very BIG spider...the kind you see in movies. It also doesn't help that I have extreme arachnaphobia.

We then spent the next hour on the computer trying to positively identify the spider. We decided it was not a brown recluse, but a funnel web. So we did go back to the bed to sleep...but only after we checked the room thouroughly!

All that said...I am ready to move up north, where there are not as many spiders!


Abbie's Daddy said...

Oh, I see. Nebraska is perfect and has no spiders. Well we hope you have fun in perfectland and don't forget about us here in spiderland!

Dannielle said...

I'm with you on the spider fear! I'll have to tell you about my recent bout with a brown recluse in our house. Hope to see you soon!