Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rock Stars

What a crazy few weeks it has been around here! Fischer met his first "rock star." I am sure that Aaron Shust would not approve of us calling him that...he was such a humble, genuine person...but that is what Fischer thought he was.

On June 16th we had the Sam Thomsen Memorial Concert on June 16th at Westside Church. It was a night of laughter, tears, rememberance and worship! There was almost 900 people there and $2000 was raised for charity!

Aaron was obviously very touched as he cried throughout most of the concert. Every Tuesday he leaks a new song from his upcoming album on you tube. You can watch them here:

Garden Update: OUT OF CONTROL! I never thought these plants would take over my little garden space. I decided to trellis my cucumbers upward, using upside down tomato cages. Hopefully this will prevent them from rotting on the ground and from taking over the grape tomatoes.

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