Friday, June 05, 2009

A Hernia in the Hospital

Fischer's surgery went amazingly smooth yesterday. I wasn't really nervous or anxious...probably because we have spent a lot of time at Children's in the last year. I wasn't walking into a situation that was completely unfamiliar...Fischer handled the situation with WAY more ease than I ever imagined.
Children's hospital did an excellent job of making him feel comfortable...even bringing in pictures of the operating room so he would know where he was going. The anesthesiologist told me that they would give Fischer some "relaxation juice" if I felt like he needed it. I told her that he seemed pretty relaxed, but that I would let her know if his behavior changed. Several other nurses/students came in and were asking me if he had already had his "relaxation juice." I told them no he was just being a goofball...and he was...slurring his words, talking quietly...he definitely had them going.

Before his surgery he was able to go to the playroom for a little while. While there he played with the dollhouse and fell love with a little baby doll that he inisted we take back to the room(much to his father's dismay). Did I mention that he was making the baby "have gas?" Did I also mention that he has been playing with purses and wallets lately? His daddy doesn't like when he leaves for work I let him play with them...he's just imitating what he sees me do all day...I think it's kinda funny and cute...and besides I have to have some type of blackmail for when he's older.

So, they wheeled him away and 1.5 hours later he returned healed from his hernia! He was groggy, and we left the hospital about an hour after his surgery! Within 3 hours, he was jumping around the living room...I tried to discourage this behavior...but he was full of energy!

Today he is sore, but doing well! What a little trooper!


Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Wow, good job Fischer! Ah...dolls that toot. You've gotta love it!

Judy said...

I'm glad that he did so well. It sure helps when the hospital staff look after them so well.