Thursday, September 18, 2008

What ever happened to health CARE?

Sorry if I got anyone excited about the one contraction I had yesterday. Today's OB visit was a waste of time. My OB never even showed up. She kept calling to say that she was on the way, but never showed. So, I had to see the Nurse Practioner, who kept referring to Fischer as "she." Just proof that she knows nothing about me and I would prefer to see the person that is cutting me open next week!

My hip has really been bothering me so I ended up calling her back this afternoon and she just prescribed some crazy medication that knocks you out. Uh, can't really be knocked out with a three year old. Anyway, my mom is coming this Saturday to help...THANK GOODNESS! I can barely walk and feel so guilty about Fischer watching TV all day. Plus I wasn't sure how Franklin was going to survive 10 more days with all of my crazy mood swings and crying! Last night he just looked at me and I started guy.

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Terrie said...

Tracy, You are in our thoughts and prayers with the birth of baby Garrison. We think of you all often. T