Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well, apparently this little guy is going to be able to beat up his older brother one day. He's an estimated 6lbs, 14 oz already! YIKES!

I had an appointment today and my OB was concerned that I was measuring too far ahead. So, she sent me right to ultrasound, which I was excited about! It was fun to see him, however he is so squished in there right now it was hard to tell what was what! One thing is for sure...he is still definitely a boy!

My c-section got moved back 4 days...trying to be positive...this gives me 4 more days to prepare! So at this rate we might have a 9lb baby on our hands...so when they hand him to me they will say, "Congratulations...here is your toddler!" Fischer was 5lbs 15 oz so this will definitely be a different experience!

Here is an ultrasound pic from today...it is hard to make out. You can see his nose and lips and his hand is over his eyes and forehead.


Anonymous said...

I’m blogging again. Please adjust your life accordingly! :)

The 5 of Us. said...

Hello, that picture is so cute. You know Chelsea wa 8lb.10 oz
Brianna was 6lbs 14 oz and Dawson was 8lbs. 4 oz. So, they come big and small.

Heather & T.J. said...

I can see his cute squishy face prefectly! Very handsome! I've been thinking lots about you. I can't wait to see this new little one! Love ya!

Laura said...

I'm so excited for you (well, maybe not about the 24 pound newborn part)...what is the c-section date?