Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am rare. I'm 30 years old and have four living grandparents. I would say that is rare, wouldn't you? I also knew both of my great grandmothers. All of this to say, that my paternal grandpa isn't doing very well. We always joke and say he has nine lives because 10 years ago we thought he was going to die from congestive heart failure. He is really struggling every day and has such poor oxygen levels that he is confused most of the time. He and Granny spent a month in MI with my parents. My mom told me that he had a moment of clarity and said, "How is Tracy?" My mom told him I was doing fine and that the baby was fine. He said, "I sure can't wait to meet that little fellow. He is going to be a live wire!"

Even if my grandpa doesn't make it to meet the little guy, our little one will always know what his great-grandpa thought of him :) I just hope he isn't right!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute and great picture of your Grandparents. It actually made me a little sad,he has always been such a kind Man to everyone. For your sake I too hope he is wrong about the Live Wire thing! Aunt Shelly