Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well, I survived our camping trip! Oklahoma was HOT and muggy...just like I remembered it. Fischer went fishing for the first time and caught 5 fish! He caught more than anyone else in the boat! He also had a great time riding in the golf cart! The drive was pretty brutal..9.5 hours! The drive home was full of adventure. We were driving through this small town in Oklahoma when a guy pulled out in front of us. He was turning out of the Gaming Center, which of course made me suspicious that he was drunk. It didn't take longer than about 5 seconds to realize that in fact he was drunk. He swerved into oncoming traffic 3 or 4 times, almost hitting a mini-van and a truck. After watching this idiot for about 20 seconds I called 911. After we followed him for about one more mile(staying far back of course) he pulled off on the shoulder. I hope an officer was able to catch him and send him to jail. I hope they took my call seriously.

Then we drove through Picher, OK and noticed that the entire town was destroyed by a tornado. I have seen tornado damage before, but never anything like this. When I got home I looked up Picher on google and found out that six people died and 100 were injured in the tornado on May 10th. FEMA had to test the air quality in the town because it is known for its lead mining.

On a lighter note, I am back to my frugal ways. While in Oklahoma my sister-in-law let me read her book, "America's Cheapest Family." It is written by the Economide family. The book is full of ideas for saving and cutting back, which is right up my alley. Today I went grocery shopping and spent $120 for two weeks worth of food($10 of that was a gift card for a graduate, plus I spent about $15 on food storage items). I might have to go back next week and spend $20 or so, but I think that is pretty good. Anyway, I would recommend this book, especially with the price of gas going up!

Here are some pics of our Memorial Day Weekend!

Lake Eufaula at sunset.

Fischer hates this was a big step!

My cousin Esther! She is SO sweet!


Anonymous said...

Glad Fischer got to go fishing, but I'm sorry I missed it. Hope you all had fun.


The 5 of Us. said...

It was so nice to she you guys. You looked so good. We really do miss you three (four LOL) Mark took Dawson to Marland Mansion pond yesterday and he caught 8 fish on his Superman fishing poll.
It's so exciting to see them doing it for the first time. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures Tracy.
Love you, Nana