Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today I took on the task of planting flowers. Let me just say that I am SO thankful that I was not a pioneer woman. I can't even imagine being pregnant and doing all of the hard work that they did. I feel like I can't move right now. I have decided that I like planting in pots and not in the ground. I'm pretty proud of my pots, but I need to get a few more fillers for two of them. The sweet potato vines will be so beautiful by the middle of summer. They grow really long and spread easily.I also posted a pic of our deck with flowers. I bought the hanging pouch at Menards and it has just turned out beautifully.

I finally gave in to turning on the A/C. I held out pretty long, mainly b/c I am cheap. But today was just too hot!


Anonymous said...

Tracy, your deck is beautiful. The flowers make such a difference.I will have to try a sweep potato plant. Have never hear of it. Something new for me to play with.
Thanks for the pictures.
Love you, Nana

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I did make a mistake on my comment, I meant sweet potato. I never was good at typing.