Thursday, November 01, 2007

Random thoughts for today:

1) I have encounterd three sales people today...every one of them was rude, aloof and apathetic.
I guess customer service does not exist anymore.

2) Why is getting pregnant so difficult? I guess I will have to resort to drinking, smoking, drugs, and welfare...then I am assured a child or two.

3) Natalie Grant is having a FREE concert in Omaha next Thursday. I am SO excited! I am going to get there 2-3 hours early to make sure I get a seat!

4) When I arrived home tonight, my son was asleep on the hard, cold floor. What is his aversion to his new bed? Every morning at 4am something tells him to get out of his bed, turn on his light and come crawl in bed with us...grrr. I am fast forwarding to when he is 21....will it really matter that he woke me up every morning for months or possibly years? I will look back and wish he would still cuddle with me.

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