Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fischer is petrified of snakes! Of course he does have good reason, considering he witnessed his grandpa hesitantly catching a snake in our backyard(It was quite a sight)! We have a slight snake problem in our neighborhood. They are just harmless snakes, however they are black and ugly and seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Last night Fischer was playing in his sandbox when he said to me, "Mama...SSSSSSSS.....SSSSSSSS.....Mama.....SSSSSSSS....SSSSSSSSS." Of course I knew that he was trying to tell me there was a snake in his sandbox. So, I went over and investigated and this is what I found:

A small piece of grass that was curled up like a snake!I have tried hard to teach him the difference between real and pretend, but I just don't think he gets it yet. If I even draw a snake on a piece of paper he will cry and run the other way!

Then Franklin went outside this morning and a BIG snake came out from underneath the deck! He called the neighbor boy over and he caught it. We tell him to take them to the field, but I think they are finding there way back here.

So, if anyone needs a pet snake please come over and get one out of our backyard!!!

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