Sunday, March 19, 2006

It has rained all day. We definitely need the rain. Now we don't have to go water our lawn in fear of our house burning down from wildfires. Well, okay they probably wouldn't be wildfires. They would probably start when either of our smoking neighbors threw their cigarette in our yard. I digress.

I took this picture of our sons feet a few weeks ago. Aren't they precious? Is there really anything more precious than the feet of a baby? I often find myself looking at his feet and daydreaming about what they will do and where they will go. I think to myself, I can't believe that these are the same feet that will someday run on a football field or kick a soccer ball.
Well for now we will just look forward to his first steps.

Romans 10:15, "And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.'"

I need some good news...PLEASE if you have good news share it. You don't have to bring it by foot though, unless you want to...haha.


Mandy Shanks said...

Nana just told me about your blog and I went to see it. I loved reading all your entries...especially the one about watching TV at such a young age. We always worry about that with Cameryn too. I think it is just a natural thing to worry that you aren't doing everything just right. As parents we want the very best for our kids and know that it is our job to lead them in the right direction. I truly believe that with God by our side he will help us along the path. Also I read an article yesterday that said that kids who watch educational TV scored 17% higher on their state testing...sorry just a little teacher note! As long as they are watching TV that is good for them it can't hurt them too bad. Okay, Okay have I justified myself enough yet?
Anyway I just wanted to say hi and that we love and miss you guys! I hope all the storms in your life start to calm. Remember God always sends a rainbow after the rain!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet feet. I know they will always follow Jesus, like his parents. What a wonderful family you have.We love you,
Grandpa and Nana

jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It was good for me to hear from a fellow wife/mommy/youth minister. I will change my settings so that hopefully you can e-mail me from my profile. Maybe we could keep in touch via e-mail too. Your blog is great. Your son is really cute! Hope things begin to look up for you!

Gary Rhodes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment and inviting me to check out your photos as well.
I really like the photos of your son, he is a cute kid and you have captured some good "moments". Especially the one of him holding his fathers hand. That is a great photo. Keep it up, and if you want to have a conversation about photography or technical details just send me an e-mail. Keep up the good work documenting your sons life, I am sure you will both appreciate the photographs in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Hello, It's me , Yes. I am leaving a message. Cute Photos . We need to get a few of my three, soon. Call me lady. Oh, praying Fischer is feeling better soon too. Take care . ME -CP