Thursday, March 30, 2006

I have a wonderful husband. This morning he made me breakfast, took the baby and let me just sit and enjoy. He then told me how he was unable to sleep this morning and lay in bed watching an infomercial about a product that made yummy breakfast food. He said he was starving when he woke up. What a selfless person to make me breakfast, let me SIT DOWN and eat it, all while he was starving.

He has always been a giving, selfless person but I know I do not notice or appreciate him enough. What an incredible dad as well. Many nights he has slept on the floor by our sons crib worried about him.

P.S. To the red and yellow car bandits...don't worry I know where you live and I will get you back.


Dannielle said...

Can I borrow your husband so I can sit and eat in peace? hahahahahaha
You are blessed to have each other. I think you are BOTH wonderful Christians.

Anonymous said...

Is your husband the guy in front, or pee wee herman?

Libby said...

Franklin is the best! I often find myself comparing guys to him. Of course, they never measure up.
I've always struggled with many things in my life and when I felt like I couldn't talk to my parents I knew I could go to Franklin. He has been a great brother and I have missed the closeness we once had. But I'm glad that someone else is lucky enough to experience it.