Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything...finding a quiet time is getting pretty hard around here especially since Garrison hasn't been sleeping well. He finally slept 11 hours last night...a continous 11 hours I might add. He has even had a decent nap today.

Since the popular thing to do right now is to change your blog(Franklin and Judy) I have decided I might take my blog in a somewhat new direction. Of course their will always be pictures of the boys and talk of our adventures...but I'm going to add my adventures at the grocery store. If any of you know me I am the price matching queen at Wal-Mart. I get all of the ads, write out a menu and list of what is on sale...and then take off to Wally World with coupons in hand. It's sort of like a treasure hunt...let's see what I can get for the least amount of money. And yes Laura, I am still making healthy balanced case you were wondering...did you notice the organic lettuce? :)

Today I got all of this for $54.00. I price matched most things..including the hamburger...which was $3.20lb but price matched at $1.77. I then had a coupon from the circular for $3.00 off ground beef. I purchased 5 pounds of ground beef for $4.96! I had some meat already, including chicken and steak so this helped a lot with the budget for the next two weeks! I got two pounds of strawberries, a cantaloupe, grapes, two dozen eggs, and two loaves of bread!

I also got two boxes of cereal, Raisin Bran and Shredded Mini Wheats for $1.43 each using a coupon found on and price matching them at $2.18 a box. I'm not an expert and there are plenty of people who are so much better at this than me...but it's a start and I really enjoy doing it.

Here is a pic of my grandio purchase(and some cute pics of the boys):

Oh yeah, and I planted some lettuce and it is actually growing!!

My view from the deck..Fischer playing with his friend Harrison

He's trouble alright :)


Aunt Shelly said...

That is so funny! I started 2 months ago doing that,maybe i told you. I have a big book,I go to Walgreens,Target,CVS,Hyvee and Price Chopper,it takes about 4-5 hours. One night on Monday night dinner I put everything on the hearth that I purchased and whoever got close to what I paid after sales and coupons,got a Target gift card,that I got for buying Prilosec,Kellie one. Stacie is now hooked too!

Judy said...

I'm glad you're finding bargains. I sure enjoy it and I'm thankful to people who post about where to get coupons and free samples. Thanks for still including pictures of the boys.

Christi Robertson said...

Hey It's Christi from AL. Have you looked at i know you might not have publix, but she does an awesome job of posting all new coupons that are online. She matches them with the sales of the week and she also usually posts a wal-mart link too that shows the hot new sales. I do not price match, should, but i do get my awesome sales at publix! Enjoye!!

The 5 of Us. said...

I am so happy to hear someone else price matches. WOW! Today, I got three jumbo packs of Always pads for $2.69 each. Thanks to Food Pymaid. Then Strawberries with Aldi's ad for .99 . In this day and age. We have got to watch our money. You go girl!!!!

Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Hey good job on the organic lettuce!! :) And on the homegrown lettuce!! :) And on the really cute kids!! :)