Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My friend Laura over at http://www.heavenlyhomemakers.com/ has Gratituesday every week. This is the first time I am joining in!

Yesterday I took Garrison to the doctor and discovered he had a double ear infection. This is why I am extremely grateful for modern medicine! Garrison has been so unhappy and I just blamed it on the acid reflux. I try to imagine living 200 years ago when there was no pain medication or antibiotics. I think having to watch your baby suffer through ear infections without treating them would be horrible. Not to mention that many children probably lost their hearing if they suffered from chronic ear infections.

Now, I do believe there is something to be said for wholistic medicine and finding ways for natural healing, but if there is pain medication that can help a suffering child, I think it should be used.

And of course Garrison would not be alive if it wasn't for modern medicine. See pic here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_KADg2SKPSAs/SOQ9t5TBOiI/AAAAAAAAAZk/QxUPE-T0XkM/s1600-h/Garrison+016.jpg

And yes, God is the Great Physician, but I am grateful that he gives people the ability to use their minds and hands to heal others.

And as for Garrison, I think he is pretty grateful too :)


Marnie said...

I am thankful too for modern medicine and that God gifts people in the medical profession to help us feel better quickly. I hope Garrison feels better fast. Ear infections are so painful... :-(

Laura said...

Poor little guy. So glad you figured out what's going on with him and that he's on his way to recovery. :)

Sara said...

modern medicine is such a blessing, and often an overlooked why in which God heals and moves in our lives today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving some crumbs at my place. I am keeping you in my thougths and prayers this Christmas. I'll be back later to take a longer look around your place!

Take care,