Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yesterday, Franklin and I took Fischer to the zoo! It was SO relaxing to just hang out as a family! We visited the new butterfly house, which was a blast! However, I would say 95% of the butterflies liked to hang out by the air conditioner vents(as you can see from the picture). So, there wasn't that many butterflies actually flying around. They did like Franklin's orange shirt though. Fischer looks terrified in the picture with me. Maybe he thought a butterfly was about to land on him. We spent 6 hours walking around, and by the end I could barely move. Our zoo is SO hilly I don't know why I thought I could take him to the zoo by myself. I am thankful that I went with Franklin. I think he was extremely thankful to have spent some quality time with Fischer.

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sis said...

Tracy, you look beautiful!Franklin and Fischer bring out the best in you, as you get prettier each year. Do I sound like I might be your grandmother?
Love you, Nana