Monday, March 10, 2008

This is a conversation that took place two nights ago around dinner time:

Fischer: "Mom, what are you doing?"

Me: "I'm making dinner, honey,"

Fischer: (Said in the most high-pitched, enthusiastic voice a 2 year old can muster!)
"You're making dinner mommy? For me?"

Me: "Yes dear, I am making dinner for you and daddy."

Fischer: Pats me on the behind and says, "Good girl Mommy, good girl!"


Mud Puppy said...

I love a good conversation. :)

Judy said...

You need to print out these blogs and write things down in his baby book. I entered my story about Fischer and Two Bear on the Fanstory just to see what feedback I get. So far everyone seems to like it. Maybe I will get a book made on day.

Elisabeth said...

He's gonna have you whipped and ready for that next one. Ha ha.

"Cook, Tracy, Cook! Good Girl."

Theresa said...

that is just precious!

Katie said...

LOL! Gotta love a good man:)