Friday, August 03, 2007

Kristina: Did you know that I have a shunt in my brain?

Tracy: No, honey I didn't.

Kristina: I wasn't born like this you know!

Tracy: Really? What happened sweetie?

Kristina: I was hit by a car when I was three and a half.

Tracy: Speechless

Kristina was just one of the many kids that melted my heart at Wheelchair camp this week. The therapeutic recreation staff was responsible for the swimming part of the camp, so we swam for 1.5 hours each day with them. I met so many amazing kids who have a perspective on life we are unable to have. I still can't believe I get paid to play and swim with the most interesting and sweet people on the earth.

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Nana said...

Tracy, God put you into these children lifes. You have the compassion and understanding that these sweet children needed. May you always serve others.
Love you, Nana