Friday, December 15, 2006

Prayer Request

Please pray for my cousin Stacie. She has MS and has discovered that her antibodies are off the charts. This means that the medicine that she has been taking to lessen her MS symptoms is not working. Her doctor from the Mayo Clinic advised her to stop taking the medicine she is currently on. She is only left with three choices: Chemotherapy(which would make her really sick and only mask her symptoms), not taking any medicine(and living with a lot of MS symptoms), or a medicine called Tysabri that is notorious for killing people(it was taken off the market and is now back on). She is young and has a young daughter. Please pray for her, as this is not an easy situation to be in.

Here's a funny story about Stacie. When she was a teenager she decided to wrap a present at Christmas time. She found this really cool paper with Santa on it. So, she cut it up and wrapped the present. When her mom went looking for her Vintage Santa poster, she knew she had accidently wrapped the present with it. I guess it wasn't to funny at the time, but it's REALLY funny now. I know you appreciate me telling a lot of people this story! I could actually start a blog called: Funny things that Stacie did when she was little! We love you and we are praying for you!


carrie said...

My mom was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago so I can understand some of what your cousin is going through. Our prayers are with her and her family. I pray that God will lead her to the decision that is best for her and she will be healthy! That is a funny story!!

Mandy said...

Thank you Tracy for putting that on your blog, she needs all the prayer she can get. Love you!

Nana said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog about Stacie Tracy. We love her, and pray that God will put His healing hand on her. She had done pretty good these last two years when the medicine was not working. She does keep us all laughing, as she is so cute in her little humorist ways.Who could not love her?
Thanks again for your blog which will reach alot of people who can pray for Stacie.
Love you, Nana and Grandpa

Judy said...

I'm praying. I know God will help her through these struggles.