Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've been threatened a few times in the past couple of days, so I guess I need to post. Every time I sit down to post, something happens: I remember something that needed to be done, Fischer wakes up, the phone get the idea. A lot has been going on. We are ALWAYS busy, but certainly not complaining about it. Autumn is right around the corner. The air here is crisp and cool, and I already bought a pumpkin!!

My job at the WeeSchool is going good. The kids are still screaming when there parents drop them off, but hopefully it will get better in a few weeks. I am SO exhausted after just two hours with six 2 year olds. Either I am really out of shape or it IS just really exhausting.

I wish I had some deep, profound thought, but it's late(yes 9:30 is late for me) and there's nothing left in me tonight. I am even going to leave the dirty dishes in the sink...and feel great about it. :)

Here is a recent picture of Fischer ....Is he GQ or what???

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