Friday, August 04, 2006

Sorry it's been so long since my last has been crazy. I've been out of town and we are having company for the next two weeks!

Fischer is officially walking now! He just decided on Wednesday that walking was much better than crawling.

I accepted a job today at the church pre-school. I am excited to earn a little extra cash to help pay for our health insurance, but I am also sad that I have to go back to work. It is a very ideal situation however...a friend is going to watch Fischer until he can attend the pre-school with me. So, by December he will be going to work with me...can't beat that!!

I posted a picture of Fischer golfing at grandma's house. He is already a pro...he has the stance down and everything.


dannielle said...

didn't I just talk to you on Friday? You didn't mention anything about the job ~ that is great and December is SO close by that Fischer will be going with you before you know it! We miss you and hope to keep in touch! Take care!

Abbie's Daddy said...

WOW, thank you for linking my blog! Amber has had a rough few weeks, please don't be too hard on her for not calling.

carrie said...

It has been so long since we saw Fischer. He has changed so much. I am praying for you as you start a new job. I hope that you enjoy it. I understand that it is not fun going back to work before you are ready! December will be here before long!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fischer, Today you are one year old. How fast this year has gone by. You now are walking and growing up so fast. You are just getting cutier and cutier everyday. We love you,
Papa and Nana