Saturday, July 01, 2006

Well we definitely bought the best house in Nebraska. You can see EVERY firework display in a 100 mile radius from our back yard. These people in Nebraska are CRAZY about fireworks. It literally sounds like a war is going on at our house. I am glad that this doesn't go on all year though.

Fischer had to go to an ENT specialist about his ear infections. They are thinking about tubes, but we are trying the preventive antibiotic first. Hopefully this works.

Fischer also took his FIRST step. Of course we haven't been able to get him to do it again. We know he wants to walk really bad but he is just a little scared of putting that other foot forward.

Come visit us in Nebraska anytime!!


keli said...

it's Tracy!
haha, just kidding. you're amazing!
I'm so happy that you guys came to Nebraska, the most boringest state in the history of boring states.
yeah, this is Keli. and, uh, nice text message haha.

keli said...

oh, I will, just you wait.

terrie said...

Ear infections can be a painful and ongoing thing, as we found out with Gunner. We finally had tubes put in his ears just before summer and we hate it took so long. His doctor kept putting it off, because she thought he should outgrow the need at any time. I finally made an appt. with ENT and we had tubes within 2 months (following 2 rounds of antibiotics from the ENT doctor first). They have worked great!! Not one ear infection since they were placed! Gunner hates the way water sounds when he gets it in his ears with swimming, but otherwise they are great. Good Luck with Fischer, hopefully antibiotics will do the trick.