Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well we are back from our interview. We felt like we were family the whole weekend. Omaha is a really neat city and we would move there in a heartbeat.

Isn't it funny how God works in our lives? We doubt His wisdom and His plans for us. We are upset when He closes a door, not realizing that another door is about to open. We question Him about why the door closed, when all along He is saying, "Don't worry, I have plans for you." How badly I wish that I could trust God more.

This whole situation has taught me a very valuable lesson. What doors has God closed and opened for you?


judy said...

We never do know what doors God will open for us. Like the door you have shown only a small space open and sometimes it's scary wondering what's behind the door. Sometimes it's exciting. When God opened the door for us to go to Africa I thought surely He didn't really expect us to go. My stomach was tied up in knots and I was fearful. It was with much prayer that God gave me peace and what a wonderful experience. We had a wonderful christian family in Zambia.

alyce said...

yay! So happy for you all and I know that God will have many opportunities for you in Nebraska! Congrats! Im gonna miss you!!